A beautiful split fountain letterpress process using two shades of blue ink.

Print Specs

  • Print - Letterpress – split fountain 2 PMS
  • Paper - 600gsm Gmund Cotton Max White
  • Finishes - Blue edge paint

Process Shots

  • Photographer - Andrew Foy, Foy & Co

We mix our inks by hand and match colour by sight. Our clients are often amazed by the process.

Andrew captured the process of mixing ink (and our perfectly creative print mess) during a press check at our Brisbane letterpress studio.

We love this part of the job as you never truly know that your formula will be a spot-on match to the Pantone system until you pop it onto the inking cylinder. We mix such small quantities of ink, so sometimes this means breaking down the Pantone formula involves a little guesswork.

Hand mixing two Pantone blue inks to provide depth, achieving the perfect letterpress gradient effect for the Foy & Co embossed business cards.


We love inviting clients into the studio to be a part of the letterpress experience and are grateful for the lasting friendships this creates.

Foy & Co are Brisbane photographers specialising in videography, photography and elopements, spearheaded by Andrew Foy and his talented shooting team.

Andrew was referred to us by our friends over at Entrepreneur Haus in West End. We also printed some fantastic duplexed business cards with a vibrant yellow edge paint for Daniel Ngo, founder of this fabulous co-working space in South Brisbane.