A collaboration on packaging and print for Gary's Honey — a small batch honey label.

  • Design - Alana And.
  • Photography - Alana And.
  • Finishes - Digital Print
  • Paper - Jac Self Adhesive

The forager, and the finder, honey made kinder.

A small batch postcode honey that nurtures community, sustainability, the natural. As good as it is, just as it is. No stings attached.

Espresso tech at Coffee Supreme by day, Gary Wood is known for keeping La Marzocco’s across Brisbane in good shape. Having loved bee’s since childhood, he recently launched his own brand, Gary’s Honey.

Gary was recommended to us by freelance designer Alana. We worked in collaboration with the pair on printing, stock choice and colour recommendations for Gary’s Honey packaging.

Through our guidance on Pantone colour selection and printed test proofs, we colour matched  to the pollen of the flowers in each hive location.

Gary’s bees forage in bushland along Cedar Creek and Downfall Creek. He keeps hives at the LOOP Growers farm in Samford Valley and at a second location neighbouring our studio here in Geebung!

You can read more about Gary’s story via Salisbury Grange. If you’re into bee-keeping and want to grow your own bee-friendly flower bed, be sure to check out the Salisbury Grange range of seeds.

Where to buy Gary’s Honey—

It’s worth getting your order in early because the small batches get snapped up very quickly.