Premium duplexed letterpress business cards for a premium property buyers’ agency.

Print Specs

  • Print - Letterpress - 2 colours - 2 hits Gold
  • Paper - Colourplan Racing Green & Wild Cotton
  • Finishes - Duplexing

Luxe letterpress cards that truly stand up to a premium brand identity.

Hunter Gather is a full-service premium independent property buyers’ agency in Brisbane. They came to us with some design ideas for a business card featuring their stunning brand green. After a meeting some discussion and a few samples, the client fell in love with our duplexed business cards and some papers from Ball & Doggett.

We letterpressed 2 hits of gold metallic ink for the Hunter Gather brand mark on Colourplan Racing Green 280gsm to build up the vibrancy of gold on the dark coloured stock. The paper was fed through the press for a 3rd time to achieve a deeper impression once the ink was dry.

The Colourplan Green was then laminated by hand to Wild Cotton 300gsm, to create these bespoke letterpress business cards weighing 580gsm before being letterpressed to the back a dark green ink.

That’s a total of four passes through our vintage Heidelberg Press, plus duplexing and guillotining = a tonne of work and a stunning result.

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